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Natural Fertility Treatment

Natural fertility treatment diet supports your body’s readiness to conceive, focusing on nutrition that enhances reproductive health and overall fertility.

Importance of Natural Fertility Treatment

The importance of natural fertility treatment lies in its holistic approach to enhancing reproductive health without invasive procedures or medications. By focusing on nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, and natural therapies, it supports optimal fertility and overall well-being, aiming to address underlying factors that may affect conception. This approach not only improves the chances of successful pregnancy but also promotes long-term health benefits for both partners.

1. Natural Pregnancy Assessment

Natural Fertility Treatment


We know that trying to have a baby can be a daunting task. So we at WOMB IVF give full comfort and support with personalized care to couples at every step of the journey during the treatment. With our latest and extensive range of treatments, we provide tailored options so as to fulfill our ultimate aim of complete fertility care.

After an initial assessment with the couple, we give customized solutions to your fertility problem in an empathetic and sympathetic way.

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Couples who have been staying together for more than 12 months and are unable to conceive should seek professional help from fertility specialists.

A fertility expert or specialist is a physician specially trained in treating couples who are unable to conceive. At WOMB IVF, Our Certified fertility Specialists are well-versed in reproductive medicines catering to all infertility problems of all couples.

  1. Nowadays, infertility is a complex issue, but thanks to recent advances in reproductive medicines, we can help couples conceive who have medical conditions such as thyroid disease, PCOS that affect fertility can be dealt with fertility solutions from our experts.
  2. Couples staying together, whose Wife’s age is more than 35 years, should seek help from fertility specialists if they are unable to conceive after six months of unprotected intercourse.
  3. Couples having or experiencing sexual issues are often benefited from our team of counselors, psychologists, fertility experts etc.

In the Menstrual cycle, a woman’s body prepares for the possibility of pregnancy every month. Female menstrual cycle consists of different phases such as follicular phase, ovulation, luteal phase & menstruation.

With respect to conceivement, all the stages of the menstrual cycle are important, especially ovulation, as, during this phase, the female organ ovary releases the egg for possible fertilization which is alive for a few hours. So this is the most important aspect of infertility treatment that couples need to understand & act accordingly.


Male Factors contribute to approximately one-third of infertility issues. Male infertility issues are decreased sperm production, motility, count, etc. Factors such as abnormal sperm function and blockage tubes carrying sperm require highly specialized treatment and expertise which is being offered at our center.

We also provide sympathetic & precise treatment solutions to males having sexual problems.

Age And Fertilty 1

As women age, ovarian function & reserve (number of eggs inside the ovaries) start depleting. The decline is sharp beyond 35 years of age.

In men, the onset of decline in fertility parameters starts later beyond 50 years of age. Quality and quantity of sperm may decrease. But with the aid of various advanced techniques, the success rates in conceiving and giving birth to healthy offspring increase.

We also provide much natural fertility-enhancing nutrition and therapies which help to increase pregnancy rates.

Lifestyle And Weight

Being healthy increases the chances of having a baby. If men or women are overweight or underweight it can take longer to conceive.

Being overweight or Underweight causes problems with hormone levels, which can affect women’s menstrual cycle and the quality of eggs.

Being overweight may affect the quality of sperm & cause difficulty in having sexual problems.

WOMB IVF & WEIGHT MANAGEMENT center provides fertility enhancing diet & therapy which can improve your health & chance of pregnancy.

2. Natural Pregnancy Methods

Do I Have To Have Counselling As Part Of My Fertility Treatment.jpg 730X0 Q85 Subsampling 2COUNSELLING
Fertility treatment can sometimes feel like a roller coaster of emotional and physical ups and downs. At WOMB IVF, the Counselling service works to support you throughout the journey. Our comprehensive and confidential counseling service is provided to all couples who want to conceive naturally or undergoing advanced fertility treatments like IVF etc. Individual and couple counseling is available to help overcome difficulties you may experience during treatment, emotional disturbances, and financial problems.
It is one of the fertility awareness methods which may be used to achieve pregnancy by using ovulation kits that detects the level of luteinizing hormone (LH). A rise in this hormone signals the ovary to release the egg.
  • Sonography – Follicular growth can be measured with ultrasound useful for timing intercourse or insemination.
  • Blood tests – Hormone levels in the blood associated with ovulation are progesterone, LH, FSH, Prolactin, Estrogen, AMH
The vaginal mucus of women is used to identify patterns of potential fertility within the cycle, whatever its length.
Cervical Mucus Method 1
Refers to a temperature reading in women during ovulation which triggers a rise in BBT between 0.2º and 0.5 °C. (0.5 and 1.°F) that lasts approximately until the next menstruation. This temperature shift may be used to determine the onset of post-ovulatory infertility.
Ovulation Tracker 1CALENDAR METHOD
Method of estimating a woman’s likelihood of fertility, based on a record of the length of previous menstrual cycles. It helps to keep a track of woman’s fertile days used to achieve pregnancy and of nonfertile days to avoid pregnancy.
This program helps in improving fertility naturally, the growth of the endometrium, proper fallopian tube functioning, better egg production in ovaries, preparing the uterus for pregnancy, and natural detoxification in female body. Natural Enhancing Fertility Therapy And ProgrammeNatural Enhancing Fertility Therapy And Programme1

Benefits of Fertility Enhancing Therapies

Fertility therapy is quite a popular technique used by a variety of women for different purposes since its array of benefits is quite wide and can provide various results in varying situations.

1. Improve Fertility Naturally

Opting for medication or undergoing some treatment is always an option, but these are still artificial and not exactly how our bodies are meant to respond in a normal setting. Castor oil therapy has its roots in nature, with the entire procedure focused on getting the body to improve its fertility by itself. Bringing up the hormone levels on your own accord and keeping away from the harmful effects of medicinal drugs can be healthy for the body and instill a sense of confidence within the woman as well.

2. Natural Detoxification

Conception is quite a tricky process on a biological level. The slightest hindrances from the presence of certain toxins or microbes can cause it to fail altogether. By including castor oil therapy regularly, these toxins can be flushed out of the body and a healthy state can be instilled within, making it a conducive environment for conception to take place successfully.

3. The Growth of the Endometrium

Once conception is successful, the foetus needs to be held securely within the uterus and be cushioned from any minor movements or jerks until it becomes strong. This is done when the endometrial lining within the uterus is thick and healthy. For this to take place, usage of castor seeds is highly recommended since they stimulate the growth of endometrial cells and improve the chances of keeping the conceived child safe and secure within the uterus.

4. Proper Fallopian Functioning

For conception to take place successfully, the sperms need to travel all the way from the vagina up to the fallopian tubes, where they meet the egg that has been released from the ovaries down the tubes. This is where fertilization takes place successfully. To improve the chances, one can make use of castor seeds that work effectively in clearing any kind of hindrances within the fallopian tubes, creating a clear pathway for the egg and the sperm to meet together.

5. Supporting the Uterus

The uterus pretty much ends up becoming the home of the new child for a period of 9 months. Hence, it is just as necessary to keep the home strong and supportive of the child, if the conception ought to result in a healthy pregnancy and proper delivery. Using castor oil works in supporting the health of the uterus, which indirectly works towards increasing the overall fertility of a woman.

6. Better Egg Production

There can be no foetus if the sperm does not have a proper egg to fertilize. The ovaries within a woman’s body produce the eggs for fertilization, and this can only happen if the ovaries themselves are functioning at an optimal level. Having a good amount of eggs and in their healthiest form is a key measure of a woman’s fertility. The inclusion of castor seeds can help ovaries maintain their healthy state and keep fertility levels high.

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